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Hair Extensions by KIRILL

Dear friends! My wonderful customers!

Let me thank you.

Your opinion is the most important thing in my work.

Your kind words inspire me and encourage me to work better.

I will do my job in such a way that you want to come to my to my studio again and again.

Be beautiful! Be happy! To be loved!



The most GORGEOUS hair extensions ever!

Hey Kirill darling,

Just to say a huge thank you for my amazing new hair! I can’t believe it’s me!

I’ve had lots of extensions over the years, and tried so many different kinds, and with all kinds of hair – but never anything to match this. My hair feels so light and natural, just as if it’s my own. I thought it might have been possible to see the micro bonds, but they’re totally invisible and I can hardly even feel they are there at all. I now understand what you mean by ‘quality’ hair, it’s just so easy and comfortable to wear. I’m just so pleased with everything, especially as I’m usually such a picky customer! I’ll definitely be coming back, as well as recommending you to my friends (or should I just keep you all to myself?!)

Thanks again Kirril. I love them!!! Xxx

Tina Solomon, London

Yummy extensions - thanks Kirill

All my life I’ve dreamed of having thick, waist length hair tumbling down my back. I now have the hair I’ve always wanted! Beautiful hair is one of a woman’s finest assets, but sadly my own hair has always been thin and brittle and impossible to grow past shoulder length. I’d tried extensions in the past and they didn’t work for me, so on this occasion I was concerned they may not look natural or obviously fake or might even damage my fragile hair.

I needn’t have worried! Kirill has done a fantastic job, and coordinated the colour and texture of my hair so well. My extensions they look and feel so natural and are in whole different league to the ones I had before (which fell out and didn’t like being washed!).

Kirill is wonderfully professional and attentive and made me feel totally relaxed. To anyone who is considering having extensions I would say just book an appointment with Kirril and go for it! I I promise you won’t regret it

Tania Keys, Tenterden, Kent

Aamazing results...

Kirill has done an amazing job of transforming my short frizzy hair into wonderful long thick hair. I’m so happy with the results. Also fabulous after care and advice as well. Thank you!

Sarah L., London

Thank you Kirill

I had my Russian Virgin hair extensions fitted five days ago and I have to say that I’m totally in love with them!

I have naturally wavy hair but the problem was it would not grow past shoulder length. Not any longer! I now have beautiful natural wavy hair that reaches almost down to my waist, and you would never know it from my own hair.

Kirill is a genuine expert and talked me patiently through all my options, he did a strand test on my hair to measure its strength of my hair, and also a colour match to help me choose the right hair type and texture. He is so passionate about his work that it’s infectious. He’s also lovely company to be with, and I especially like the fact that my consultation was in a private studio because it is soooo much more relaxing than being in a busy salon with people looking at you.

Service was also fantastic. Hope this helps.

With kind regards, Simone Terry-Dunne, Bayswater, London

My Hair Extensions by Kirill London are fantastic

I had my hair extensions fitted three weeks ago and since that time I’ve had so many compliments (from people who know me) and envious looks (from those who don’t!)

But the best bit is that my husband loves my hair extensions as well, and can’t stop telling me so!

Kirill was very understanding when I had my consultation, and explained all my options very patiently. My hair has always been thin and limp and impossible to grow beyond shoulder length.

He attached some test bonds to my hair so that I would know what they felt like and decide on exact the length and colour of my hair extensions. He then selected the right hair to match my natural colour. I was really impressed with the number of hair types I could choose from, and how easy they are to attach and remove. This is important to me because of my weak hair.

I now have amazing, shiny and silky that looks so healthy and natural. I have to keep pinching myself to believe it’s really me! I’ll be coming back for more because now I’ve decided to have some extra highlights!

Thanks again Kirill 

Donna Theodrakis, Kensington

Model wants to share experience with hair extensions by Kirill...

I’m a professional model living and working in Paris. Until now I’ve always done my hair own extensions, and I thought I was pretty good at it.

Then a friend suggested that I went to Kirill (actually I think they were politely trying to tell me that my hair could look better). As a model, it is of course essential to have beautiful hair. Kirill was in Paris for a week before returning to London and agreed to see me.

What a great guy! Kirill’s hair extensions are incredible and in a different league to anything I could achieve on my own.

With barely any cutting and styling, he has given me a new head of sumptuous wavy brunette hair. I honestly believe I couldn’t get better hair extensions anywhere in Paris – many of my model friends go to the best hair extension stylists in Paris, and even they’re impressed.

Kirill is a true artist and professional, and I’ll certainly be seeing him again.

Thank you Darling Kirill 

Dominica xxx


Kirill, I am so GLAD I’ve found you!

How did you do it? Literally overnight you’ve transformed my image. Talk about life changing! Your skill and creativity with hair extensions is truly impressive.

You really listening carefully to give me exactly what I wanted and it certainly shows. In my experience, most stylists just smile and nod, but don’t genuinely listen. It’s a gift that serves you well, my man! A BIG BIG THANK YOU for all your hard work, and also your patience in putting up with my terminal indecision.

I’ve now seen Kirill times, and on every occasion I have emerged from his studio feeling like a million dollars. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

No more bad hair days ever! Yippee!


India K, Knightsbridge, London

Feel attractive and wanted again...

I will get straight to the point. I’ve had hair extensions fitted in the past and the results have been disappointing to say the least. They quickly fell out because they were fixed with glue, and they just didn’t look natural. But now that I’ve had my hair extensions done by Kirill I feel like a new woman.

I chose to have 18-inch European virgin hair extensions put in which are gorgeously silky and luxurious, and so much better than the Chinese ones I had fitted in a salon at home.

I long dreamed about having hair to be proud of, and now I have got it. I am so pleased with the way my hair looks now and it has done so much for my confidence. It even stays silky and shiny after shampooing, unlike my last extensions which went brittle and dull after washing. I used to spend many hours on my hair trying to make it look right, and without much success. But these days I just let my hair extensions dry normally and it takes no effort or time. I will definitely back.

Many thanks.

Kind regards

Sian Meadows, Richmond-Upon-Thames

Very pleased with my hair extensions!

Hi Kirill

I am writing you to thank you for such a good job. I am delighted with my new hair extensions. The micro rings you fitted are so delicate and tiny and the hair is fantastic quality and looks perfectly natural. I certainly didn’t expect such a good result. I’m so glad I chose Russian virgin hair. I’ve had hair extensions made from Russian hair at home in Moscow once, but I’m not sure how ‘virgin’ the hair because they were not like the ones you have give me. I will recommend this service to everyone and I am happy to be seeing to see you again in June.

Svetlana Severova, Moscow & London

New hair, new me!

At first I was wary about getting hair extensions because my own hair is so fragile and I’d heard horror stories about salons using glue and heat which damages the natural hair.

I’ll be honest, over the years I’ve spent ridiculous sums of money on treatments of all kinds trying to get my hair to look right, but nothing ever worked for long, until now.

I found out about Kirill from a friend who gave me his number (all very exclusive!). I decided to take a gamble, and guess what? In less than two hours Kirill transformed me into a glamour model. I couldn’t believe it was me! It’s done wonders for my confidence, in my job and my love life. I feel so sexy, and I longer keep worrying about my hair looks because I KNOW it looks great – and all thanks to Kirill!

Anya Clifford-Hunt , Rickmansworth

Kirill is the best hair extension artist in London

Kirill is the best hair extension artist that I have found in this city, and I have tried many. His knowledge, professionalism and artistry put him in a different place from the ordinary hair extension salons found in the high street. I have used Kirill on a number of times and he makes me look so gorgeous like a film star. And all so friendly and private (I value my privacy). How could I ever think of using any other person for my hair extensions? Please use his services, you will never turn around.

Thanks and many kisses.

Ekaterina Bulgakova, London

This is to say a big thank you

Kirill has rescued my hair form a fate worse than death, after what was a truly appalling haircut. I’d been to a new hairdresser who had been recommended to me, just to have some simple highlights and a cut. The colour was fine, but the cut left my hair looking like a doormat – she’d cut the layers ridiculously short! I was so upset. As a business owner I need to look my best at all times, and I had an important presentation to make the following Monday. This gave me just a few days to fix my hair and avert disaster.

I was recommended Kirill by a friend. I was a little apprehensive because I’d heard that hair extensions can cause damage to the natural hair. But under the circumstances I had no choice. When I spoke to Kirill on the phone, he was so understanding and reassuring. It seems my problem was far from unique and he has to deal with such disasters on a regular basis. His confident telephone manner had a fantastic calming effect and I immediately felt I was in good hands. Kirill understood my predicament and we arranged a consultation at short notice for the next day.

When I arrived for my consultation Kirill evaluated the condition of my hair and explained my options. He also reassured me that the technique he uses would not damage my hair; in fact if anything it would help my hair grow out more quickly. I work irregular hours, so Kirill very kindly agreed to apply my hair extension on a Saturday morning.

And wow what a result! I was so pleased with how Kirill had transformed my hair that I vowed then and there to continue using hair extensions always. They’re so quick and easy to apply and my husband says they make me look fifteen years younger. Kirill is my knight in shining armour and I would recommend him to anyone who yearns for beautiful hair. 

Alison Stewart, London

Highly recommended

Kirill is a one off – a true artist and master of his profession. I’ve been seeing him to have my hair extensions fitted for almost five years now and he never ceases to amaze me with his talent and attention to detail. I moved back to the US last year after living in London for ten years, and I still visit Kirill four times a year so he can maintain my extensions.

Kirill never fails to deliver impeccable service and fantastic results, and as such I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

Maria Demarco, New Jersey, USA

Very Happy with my Hair Extensions – They Look and Feel Fantastic!

Dear Kirill, just a little to say how pleased I am with my new extensions. They look so natural and beautiful. And you were absolutely right about the color and length because so many people tell how wonderful it looks and suits me.

Thankyou xx”

Isabella Monti, Bologna, Italy

Amazing hair, amazing service...

I got my new 18 inch hair extensions done at Hair Extensions by KIRILL last week, and I am so pleased with the outcome. My hair has never looked and felt so good, and it’s so easy to brush. I am totally in with love it. My only regret is that I didn’t discover Kirill sooner. What a pro and a nice bloke to boot! Coffee wasn’t bad either!

Thanks Mr Kirill, you’re a star!

Karina Goldstein, London

I am very happy with my new hair extensions

Hey there Kiriil, just a note to tell you that that I am very happy with my new extensions. You’re right about your microbonds , they really are invisible, and my hair feels so soft and silky. I look forward to seeing you next time. And thanks again for seeing me so quickly.

Best wishes xx

Jane McTear, Mayfair

Kirill has a real TALENT!!!

Hello Kirill! I wanted to say a big thank you. YOU ARE THE BEST! What a talent you have to understand what I needed and what looks right on me! You found the exact right colour for my hair and always cut it in my hair perfectly! I am so pleased I am recommending you to all of my friends and sisters who will be arriving to Kirill again and again…….

Valentina S, London