Advance MicroRings'™

Micro Ring Hair Extensions in London

KIRILL is the originator of ‘Advance MicroRings’™, the world’s safest, most reliable and weightless method for attaching permanent hair extensions.

A breakthrough alternative to conventional Micro Loops and Micro Rings, ‘Advance MicroRings’™ are exclusive to Hair Extensions by KIRILL

What makes 'Advance MicroRings' ™ different?

Unlike conventional hair extensions, which are affixed using glues, braiding or sewing, KIRILL secures his hair extensions using electro-plated precision-engineered rings called ‘Advance MicroRings’™. The process is quick and easy and will not damage your hair or irritate your scalp.
‘Advance MicroRings’™ last for up to three months – and even longer with the correct care and maintenance – and can be affixed securely to all types of hair, however fine, thin, or damaged. The attachments are so small they are virtually invisible, and are indistinguishable from your own hair. Unlike other hair extension systems, they can be applied undetected to any area of the head including the temples, mid scalp and forehead.

"I will give you beautiful hair, expertly tailored and individually created especially for you. It's stylish, sexy and completely safe..." KIRILL