Types of hair

Real hair extensions in London - 100% European and Russian Virgin Hair

Unlike most hair extension salons in London, KIRILL insists on using only the finest quality 100% natural human hair , sourced directly from Europe, Russia and Ukraine. To be certain it meets his exacting standards, he personally travels to the countries of origin to handpick the hair for his creations. He never uses artificial man-made fibres or inferior chemically processed hair.

The genuine high quality human hair sourced by KIRILL is available in a wide range of colours and textures including straight, natural body, natural body wave, wavy and curly. He is also able to blend different textures and colours to create the exact look you desire. Each individual set of hair extensions is hand crafted and can take up to 10 hours.

Russian virgin hair

This is hair that has not been chemically altered and the roots and tips all run in the same direction. The term ‘virgin hair’ generally refers to Russian hair, as other hair types are seldom sold in their original natural state. Russian virgin hair is one of the best possible hair types to use for long-term hair extensions. Russian virgin hair is highly sought after and in short supply. Get prices

Woman with flowing golden curls
woman with flowing auburn hair


This is superior quality hair that has not been chemically altered, and the roots and tips all run in the same direction. The hair is also ‘double drawn’ to achieve a finer separation. Meticulously hand selected, it involves a much more labour intensive process than conventional hair gathering. Until now, this type of hair has been traditionally reserved for the exclusive use of Hollywood stars and the film industry, and it has only recently become available commercially. Get prices

Beware of imitations

Today human hair is obtainable from a vast array of sources, especially on the internet. This gives the impression that quality hair is in plentiful supply. Sadly, however, most hair being sold does not meet the Remy standard (there shouldn’t be any upside down hair in hair ponytails for hair extensions). Human hair is priced and selected based on its grade, origin, length and texture. The best quality hair comes at a premium and is inevitably in high demand and short supply.

As a response to this shortage, the market has become flooded with inferior quality hair (mostly from China, also from Brazil and India) which has been chemically processed using acid. To disguise the damage this causes, the hair is then dipped in silicone to make it look lustrous and glossy and add weight (as hair is often sold by weight).

To the untrained eye, this non-Remy hair can appear to be of good quality. After just a few washes, however, the silicone layer comes away and the hair quickly becomes dry, dull, brittle and easily tangled, as well as causing damage to your own hair. It is therefore strongly recommended that you do not use non-Remy hair for long-term hair extensions.