Frequently Asked Questions

One can choose hair extensions to change natural hair’s overall look and style. These extensions are customised like your natural hair to add the desired length, volume, and fullness. One can also ask for different hair colours and highlights of their choice.

No, there is no charge for consultations. It is FREE and must be booked by appointment at Hair Extensions by Kirill at a £200 deposit, which we will deduct when you pay the final price. Additionally, if you need, we can apply a trial extension to your hair FREE of cost to try it and decide if the method is right for you before you get it done.

Our professional hair extension removal service at Hair Extensions By Kirill costs £120 per hour and typically takes around 1 hour to complete properly.

Damage to your natural hair from extensions usually happens when people try to remove them themselves (DIY) or when an inexperienced, unqualified person attempts the removal. Our trained hair extensionists ensure your extensions are taken out carefully without compromising your hair.

At our salon, we understand the removal process is just as crucial as putting the extensions incorrectly. Our experienced, qualified hair extension specialists take the time to remove your extensions the right way using top professional products.

By having your extensions removed by our experts, you never have to worry about damage occurring to your natural hair. We make the removal process safe and gentle.

The price for hair extensions varies depending on the type, length, and quality of extensions you choose. You can click here to explore our range of hair extension options and their corresponding prices.

No! No one can tell that your hair extensions are fake. Because our hair extensions will look completely natural and will match seamlessly with your own natural hair. We will cut and blend the extensions properly so they appear as part of your natural hair. We also ensure a perfect colour match between the extensions and your real hair, which is key to achieving a natural, undetectable look. We use 100% original and high-quality hair for the extensions, which can be treated just like your own hair. With proper styling, no one will be able to recognise it.

Not at all. Hair extensions will not damage your natural hair when properly applied and maintained. At Hair Extensions By Kirill, we use only 100% original and highest quality hair extension materials, and our staff consists of highly experienced hairdressers who specialise in hair extensions. We take great care in the application process to ensure your natural hair is not compromised.

Additionally, we will provide you with thorough guidance on how to care for and maintain your hair extensions. This includes advice on proper haircare routines, styling techniques, and any follow-up appointments needed. Our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure the extensions remain healthy and your natural hair stays undamaged. You can trust that your hair is in safe, expert hands with our professionals.

The experts at Hair Extensions By Kirill have extensive experience honed over many years.

Kirill himself mastered his craft training with celebrated practitioners in the Hollywood film industry. He has worked as a renowned hair extensionist in Los Angeles and London for well over a decade, continuously updating his skills. He and his expert team members comprise highly qualified extensionists with substantial expertise in advanced techniques.

No, the hair extensions we design and prepare for you do not feel excessively heavy or uncomfortable. However, we understand some clients may have concerns about the weight and feel of the extensions. That’s why we offer a free trial service.

We can easily fit just one or two extensions in your hair as a sample. You can then go about your regular routine for a few days or a week while wearing the trial extensions. This allows you to experience what it feels like without any cost or commitment.

We have different extension methods and hair types available. This variety ensures we can find the perfect lightweight, comfortable fit tailored specifically for you. When applied properly by our experts, hair extensions should lay naturally and won’t feel overly heavy on your head. The trial makes sure of this before you move forward.